The Great Blogging Wilderness

Shame-faced, I’m emerging from a long period in the blogging wilderness. At least I haven’t been idle. In only a few short weeks the second book in the Johnny Mackintosh saga will be published.

Kepler's Supernova (Credit: NASA/CXC/NCSU/S.Reynolds et al.)

Johnny Mackintosh: Star Blaze will be available from 7th January. The story begins nearly six months after the end of Johnny Mackintosh and the Spirit of London. The Star Blaze of the title is how the majority of the galaxy’s inhabitants refer to a supernova, the stupendous explosion that occurs when a giant star runs out of fuel at the end of its life and collapses. These events appear rare – the last one observed in our Milky Way was seen in 1604, now known as “Kepler’s Supernova”.

This beautiful picture, put together using images from the Chandra telescope, shows the nebula left behind following the explosion witnessed with the naked eye (there were no telescopes then) over four centuries ago on Earth.

When they happen, supernovas produce more energy in their gigantic blaze than all the rest of their galaxy combined – anything in the path of the explosion has no chance of survival. Johnny’s fear is that Earth is very much in danger…

~ by keithmansfield on December 2, 2009.

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