Six Days and Counting

Number 6 from Ted Patrick of Adobe Systems

It’s less than a week until Johnny Mackintosh and the Spirit of London will be sitting proudly on the shelves of “all good bookshops”. What am amazing thought – I feel extremely privileged to be in such a position, which would never have happened without the encouragement and support of very many people. Shaun Levin (the author and tutor of the writing workshops I go to) recently said to me, “Enjoy these days.” How could I not?

I’m sure I’m not alone as a new author in having such excitement as my ink and paper offspring is about to enter the world – doesn’t everyone check their Amazon sales ranking? When I looked this morning Johnny sat proudly at position 6818, which sounds very healthy for a new title, and it already has a first (and glowing) review.

I’d ordered a few extra copies of my own from Waterstones and they’ve already arrived so it’s clearly only Harry Potter that’s strictly embargoed before publication. Of course I’ve had a few of the beautifully printed books for a while, but it’s not possible for me to read it. Every time I stare at a page I think, why didn’t I change such and such word or replace a whole paragraph? That’s what comes of the infinitely editable era in which we live – it makes it much harder to let go than in the era of typewriters, hot metal and a single set of proofs.

But let go I must, accepting readers will view it as it is and I’ll be thrilled if other reviews come out half as well. Not that authors ever read them of course…

[Number 6 from Ted Patrick, Adobe Systems]

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~ by keithmansfield on June 27, 2008.

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