Beautiful Books

An array of Johnny Mackintosh books

Unexpectedly, today has become one of those milestones every first-time author looks forward to – perhaps it’s even more special than publication.

I am now looking at several advance copies of Johnny Mackintosh and the Spirit of London . . . and it’s gorgeous. When I embarked on this story I could not, in my wildest imaginings, have asked for better. It’s a privilege to be able to hold the physical book in my hands and see my words stretched across every page.

Johnny Mackintosh and the Spirit of London booksEverything has become so much more real and now I can look forward to publication with a mixture of excitement and apprehension that will vary depending on my mood. But if you’re going to write books, you do have to want people to read them so it’s the excitement that should gain the upper hand.
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~ by keithmansfield on June 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “Beautiful Books”

  1. They look FAB. Congratulations!

  2. looking brilliant Keith! Well done!

  3. Top corner, statts

  4. Thanks for the congratulations, guys. Sav – I guess you mean “cover” though the corners are especially pretty!

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