Alien Hunting – the best summer job ever!

What if I asked if you wanted to search for aliens this summer? And be paid for it!

Readers will know this is a subject close to my heart – I’m not giving much away in terms of my books, because it’s on page 2 of Johnny Mackintosh and the Spirit of London that Johnny uses a SETI program (that’s the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) to detect a signal from space.

When I was growing up I applied to places such as CERN and Jodrell Bank for summer jobs, offering to sweep the floors and make tea. Sadly they weren’t interested, but things are so much better now. If you’re resident in the US (citizen or otherwise), the SETI Institute is recruiting for summer interns. It’s the sort of thing I would pay to do but no – they pay you! And house you and give you a food allowance. As well as being at the Institute, you also get to work at nearby NASA Ames Research Center (home, for instance, of Kepler), and get to spend a week at the Allen Telescope Array.

Sadly, the opportunity is only open to residents of the US (though you don’t need to be a US Citizen). If that’s you, get applying now and good luck!

~ by keithmansfield on January 4, 2011.

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