Get London Reading

The thing about living around Brick Lane is that you’re always stumbling upon interesting things. Today, on the pavement, I found this unexpected piece of text from Monica Ali’s book:

Get London Reading - Monica Ali

Checking it out, Get London Reading is a biennial event sponsored by the Mayor (Boris seems a literary sort of chap so I’m sure he’ll keep it going) promoting reading in the capital. Sadly, it ran from 25 March through to the end of April, but if you visit the website there’s an interactive map showing the locations for various London-themed reads.

Naturally, I suggested they add Johnny Mackintosh and the Spirit of London, placing it at location EC3A 8BF (site of the Gherkin). But I’m sure the more votes it gets the better, so feel free to demand its inclusion (somewhere in that Wellington boot-shaped patch just below the “n” of “Houndsditch”).

Keith Mansfield at the top of the London Gherkin

When it runs again in two years’ time, will they let me give a reading in the space at the very top of 30 St Mary Axe?
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~ by keithmansfield on May 12, 2008.

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