My doppelgoogler

Today I self-googled. It was a moment of weakness – I know I’m an addict but, with your help, maybe I can stop doing it. When I typed “Keith Mansfield” into a search engine I read nothing about the author of Johnny Mackintosh and the Spirit of London but much about my brilliant namesake, the legendary composer of library music. UK TV viewers may unknowingly have had their cockles warmed by his uplifting themes for Grandstand or Wimbledon. If I’ve overcome the technical difficulties, you should be listening to his Sporting Highlights while reading this blog. If I’ve failed, put my name into Last FM and treat yourselves to a few previews.

Accepted wisdom has it that one’s internet namesake is referred to as a googleganger. OK, for a few nanoseconds it sounds meet and right, but a moment’s thought reveals the term to be a modern day triumph of style over substance. Drawing on the German, it’s actually the doppel part of doppelganger that means “double”.

So today is a historic occasion for my blog when I attempt to coin a new word for the English language: doppelgoogler. In a few years’ time perhaps the lexicographers of the Oxford English Dictionary will cite this page as the first occurrence of a brand new expression. Perhaps, around the same time, the eminent library music composer Keith Mansfield will self-google and discover his literary doppelgoogler.

~ by keithmansfield on April 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “My doppelgoogler”

  1. I love the ‘doppelgoogler’ term. As well as being a more correct version of the pleasingly alliterative ‘googleganger’ its similarlity to the word Doppler makes it sound like a time-travelling baddie from Dr Who.

    Sadly, googling myself turns up, well, myself (mostly). But searching in google books reveals not only my hidden past but a bit of a split personality. As a one-time commissioning editor, all my past aknowledgements from authors appear – half thanking me for attributes like ‘faith’, ‘patience’ and ‘support’; half describing me ‘talking us into it’ or my ‘relentless pursuit of the finished manuscript’. Anyone searching for me couldn’t really be sure whether I’m nice or nasty. Perhaps this phenomenon could become known as a ‘doublegoogler’; one who has two (or more) personalities depicted in cyberspace?

  2. Clearly there can be only one Anna Faherty! Though perhaps you are exhibiting signs of schizogooglia, having multiple online personalities?

  3. […] to warn them off the name. Try typing “Opera House” into a search engine – they have so many doppelgooglers it’s probably the worst band name to do a web search on since (the presumably defunct) […]

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